Is Butternut Box suitable for pancreatitis?

Is Butternut Box suitable for pancreatitis?


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30 Jun 2020

We have had a lot of success feeding dogs who need a low fat diet. Our chicken, turkey and fish dishes that contain less than 6% fat as fed, and as such are classified as low-fat.

Pet parents may still be able to see some fat in the meals themselves, but that’s just because we don’t use any emulsifiers to hide this or colours, palatability enhancers or preservatives in our food. We just use the freshest, human-quality meat and vegetables and we cook them in small batches gently by hand, which means that they’re delicious as well as easy to digest.

We are currently feeding hundreds of dogs who need a low-fat diet, and they are absolutely thriving!

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To give you a working insight into just who can benefit from our meals and what kinds of results Butternutters have been getting and indeed telling us about, we’d love to share some of our customer and vet reviews. We’ve had fab results from dogs suffering with pancreatitis, sensitive stomachs, obesity and digestive issues. Here are our favourite stories…

Shivani with Hugo

"Recently diagnosed with atypical Addison’s disease, Hugo lost 3kg and refused to eat or drink anything. He was also suffering from chronic pancreatitis and even though he have been on a low fat GI diet dry food, the pancreatitis kept coming back. With a strong recommendation from our vet and our knowledge of Butternut Box, we decided to switch over 100% to this beautiful fresh food. It has given me Hugo new lease of life! No more pancreatitis issues - more energy, normal poops and a doggo that runs to the kitchen when he hears us opening his pack of Butternut Box food!"

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Christine with Penny

"Penny, my little Jack Russell since the day I got her always had a problem with food. This continued whilst vets put her on a low fat diet with both wet food and kibble because she had episodes of pancreatitis. Whatever food she was on there were always problems with her health and wellbeing. Penny's medication was causing her many side affects….then I found Butternut Box. Even my vet checked out this food for Penny and it has been a transformation in her health and energy, and dog walkers have even commented on the difference in Penny. She is happier and not sick anymore and much, much more content."

Sharon Miller with Buddy

"My Lhasa Apso (Buddy Age 7) had recurring episodes of pancreatitis with several trips to the vet. Since swapping to Butternut Box it has completely gone and he has a spring in his step once again."