The Vet Nurse Helpline

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30 Jun 2020

Here at Butternut Box we want to make sure that every pet parent has access to all the help and support they need when it comes to their pup’s health and wellbeing and that’s why we’ve partnered with an independent Vet Nurse Helpline.

This means that every Butternut pet parent can speak to a qualified vet nurse whenever they have any concerns about their pup. We want to offer them peace of mind and a helping hand when it comes to the health of their pooch. As we know first-hand how worrying it is when your pup is under the weather or if you’re simply confused about when to worm them.

We feel that it’s important that pet parents can access proper information and advice if they have any worries about their pooch and we’d far rather they rang a qualified professional than rely on ‘Dr Google’.

Cocker Spaniel Lying on Blanket: OG Image

Whether it’s something as seemingly straightforward as loose motions or a cough, or if they’re unsure about whether they need to take their pup to the vets, our clients can simply make a quick call, anytime of the day or night and get sensible advice.

We are providing them with this convenient, reassuring, professional service as part of our commitment to every Butternut pup’s overall healthcare.

It's FREE and available 24/7 for all Butternutters.