The Nutrition Team

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30 Jun 2020

When Kevin and Dave decided to cook for all the dogs of the world (we hope, one day), they enlisted the top experts in veterinary nutrition from the very beginning. No half measures where Butternutters are concerned – we make the best food, so we need the best squad.

These are the people behind the nutrition and science of Butternut:

In-house vet

Dr Ciara Clarke BSc Hons (Microbiology), BVSc Hons, MRCVS

Ciara In House Vet Image

Ciara is our super brilliant Butternut vet. She’s always on hand for any questions that you (or your patients) may have about any aspect of our meals. In fact, she loves to hear from fellow-vets who are considering using or are already converts to Butternut Box.

Ciara holds an honours degree in Microbiology from University College Dublin and has a special interest in the canine microbiome (you can ask her anything about dog poop!). She qualified as a vet in 2009 with honorary colours.

Alongside Butternut Box, Ciara continues to work in clinics in central London.

In-house vet nurse

Sarah Connell-Sait RVN

Sarah, vet nurse at Butternut Box image

You can also speak to Sarah if you or your nurses have any queries about our meals, so between Sarah and Ciara, they’ll always be the on the spot support you need. Just pick up the phone or drop them an email.

Sarah worked as a vet nurse in practice for six years before following her passion for nutrition and joining Butternut. And we must say that it’s also very handy having a professional nurse in the office what with all the enthusiastic four-legged Butternut Squad members chasing balls around the place (did we say chaos?)

She loves geeking out and keeping up to date with the latest in nutrition so she can help advise pet-parents on putting the best in their dog's bowls.

Head of New Product Development

Charlotte McCormack BSc Hons Animal Science specialising in Companion Animals

This is Charlottes absolute dream job. She gets to dream up the best in pup food every day and then work with our team of experts to make these recipes happen.

Charlotte graduated from Newcastle University and has ten years of experience working within the pet food industry. This has varied from family-owned private label businesses to FMCG pet food manufacturers. She has worked in the UK and France across different markets and wet and dry foods.

Here at Butternut Box Charlotte brings her wealth of experience to our growing range and loves the personalised approach and the attention to detail that defines our ethos.

Without a doubt, Charlotte is a dog fanatic and is partial to funny dog videos which will have her laughing in no time. 

Senior Technical Advisor

Paul Stennett MBE, BSc Hons Food Science, Hon FRCPath

Paul Stennett MBE, BSc Hons Food Science, Hon FRCPath - Image

Due to his job title, we always expect Paul to be wearing a lab coat and goggles around the office, but sadly he rarely does.

Paul graduated from Reading University with a degree in Food Science and has more than twenty years of experience working with major international pet food manufacturers working in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. Paul's experience covers product and process development for wet and dry pet foods as well leading the research and development for all types of dog and cat treats.

At Butternut Box Paul is now enjoying working in the realm of freshly made pet food and brings a wealth of valuable experience to our kitchen table.

As well as advising Butternut Box, Paul is also a Board Trustee of a medical charity and Chairman of a related medical organisation.