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Harvey sticking his tongue out


Why Do Dogs Lick You?

From showing affection and exploring the world, to underlying medical reasons, we can help to decode your pooch's licking behaviour.


Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Apples have a number benefits of for dogs. They're packed with fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, helping to boost your pup's health and wellbeing.


Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

It can be worrying when your dog starts to eat poo. We're here to help with guidance on why your dog might be eating poo and how to train them to stop.


Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and fibre for dogs. Due to the high sugar content, they should be fed only in fresh form, as an occasional snack.

Verity Hardcastle Talks Crufts

Master groomer and TV presenter Verity Hardcastle shares exactly what it takes to become a Crufts winner, as well as some solid tips and tricks for dog owners.

Butternut News

Butternut Box at Crufts

Butternut Box dog food subscription is sponsoring Crufts 2023. We are spreading the word about fresh food, helping dogs to live happy and healthy lives.

Fur the Love of Dogs: Supporting Skin Health

Your dog's skin isn't just a coat - it's their armour. Serving as the first line of defence against external threats. Learn about how your dog's diet diet impacts their skin and coat health.

Top of the Tums: Digestive Health in Dogs

Looking for the diet that will finally sort out your dog’s dodgy tum? Discover the importance of meal digestibility and how it impacts your dog's gut health.

Digging Deeper: Research at Butternut Box

At Butternut Box, our motivation is simple and heartfelt: everything we do is #ForTheLoveOfDogs, guided by our purpose of helping them to live happier and healthier lives through the power of feeding fresh.

Ambassadors | Join the Team | Butternut Box

Rescue Shelter Ambassador Program For Butternut Box. Recommend fresh food to your adopted dogs for referral rewards and donations

Butternut News

A Q&A With Nick Hogendoorn, our Benelux Country Manager

Meet our newest addition to the team: Nick Hogendoorn. Nick joins us as Country Manager for Benelux where he will be focusing on introducing Butternut to the Netherlands.

Our Lunar Team

We'd like to introduce you to our new Lunar Team. Since joining Customer Love in March, they've already helped us to make huge improvements to the service we offer. Having more people on the team means we can respond to our customers quicker, which is exactly what we want to see.

Tips for keeping your dog cool in hot weather

Hot weather means hot dogs (and we don’t mean the great-with-ketchup kind), so here are some top tips from our in-house vet Dr Ciara Clarke to help keep your dog cool and safe this summer.

How to keep your dog cool in summer

The UK isn't known for having the hottest summers but that doesn't stop us from spending our days in beer gardens and picking out our favourite ice creams. Even if the sun isn't beaming, you have to make sure your pooch is nice and cool. Seen as neither of the above activities are pooch-friendly, here are some tips on how to keep your dog cool in summer.

The most unexpected crossbreeds

Crossbreeds are very popular choices for those looking to adopt a dog. They often come with the best traits from each parent pooch and make for pawfect companions. We've all heard of a Labradoodle and a Cockapoo, but have you heard of these less common crossbreeds?

Our low-fat meals and fun ways to keep your pooch in shape

Your dog's health and happiness is our main priority at Butternut. We all know that the key to keeping your pooch healthy is through good food and exercise, and whilst we've got the good food part covered, the exercise is down to you.

Royal Dog Breeds

Many of us like to treat our pooches like royalty: endless treats, letting them nap after long days of butt sniffing, serving them the finest Butternut dinners. No matter how much of a prince or princess your dog may be, some breeds naturally have more royal blood in them than others.

The biggest and smallest dogs

Dog breeds vary greatly in size - from mighty Great Danes and St Bernards to tiny Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. (That's physically speaking, of course - your pooch may feel like the big dog after a day of chasing squirrels in the park, but soon feel very small after peeing on your new carpet. Oops.)Outside of your own dogs varying size, have you ever pawsed to think about the biggest and smallest dogs out there?


10 things your pooch should never eat

We know what your dog is like: they see what you're eating and they want it. Classic. Most of the time, you can indulge them and give them a little nibble. Some foods, however, should stay far away from your pooch. Spoiler alert: delicious Butternut meals do not feature on this list.

Diversity and Inclusion at Butternut Box

Our diversity and inclusion journey

What To Do With Woolcool

The WoolCool inside our boxes is perfect at keeping your pooch's tasty Butternut nice and cool. Not only is it cooling, but it's also recyclable, environmentally friendly and great for ripping to shreds when your human isn't looking.


Introducing your puppy to Butternut Box

How to transition your puppy onto Butternut Box


Why Butternut Box is perfect for puppies

Food perfect for your puppy.


What type of puppy will suit you

How to find the perfect puppy to suit you and your lifestyle.


Your puppy's first week at home

What to expect in the first week you bring your puppy home